Tam the Author – Published Stories

When I’m not busy reading and reviewing books, I do some writing of m/m stories.  I’ve put the links and a few details about what I have out there.

Official Author Bio:

Tam Ames is a newly empty-nester with a daughter in university and currently lives in Ontario, Canada, but spent three years in Central Europe in the late 90s for her job. It was the encouragement and dares of some friends that inspired her to start writing m/m romance, and she’s grateful for their continued support. Traveling as much as possible, reading, writing, and playing around on-line keep her busy, in addition to her day job.

So that is me. Hang around here long enough and you’ll probably learn more about me than you wished to know.

Published Stories

Summer School 03 draft 10Dreamspinner Press August 2013 – COMING SOON

Summer School (37,000 words)

Jeremy Decker’s recent split with his long-distance boyfriend has left him with no plans for the summer and mounting credit card debt. One solution is to teach summer school history classes – the only problem being that Jeremy is an English teacher. College history major Lucas Van Sloan is brought in to assist Jeremy, and he’s everything Jeremy is not – young, optimistic, and thrilled to have a summer job for his resume that doesn’t include supervising kids at the home-town swimming pool.

Before long, a summer heat wave and a broken air conditioning system in his apartment have Jeremy more snarly than even upbeat Lucas can handle. Lucas may be younger than Jeremy, but he’s not afraid to go after what he wants. Lucas drags the teacher back to his place and out of the heat, and is determined to drag Jeremy into his bed while he’s got him there. However, Jeremy’s ex isn’t quite ready to let go, and a twenty-one year old college student may be no competition for a forty-three year old high-powered attorney.

Down Under buildJune 26 Dreamspinner Press

Down Under

The year 2089 finds Australia split between east and west, with a wall to ensure the east stays safe. College student Aiden Taylor is traveling from Perth to Sydney to see Men at Work, who have been revived after cryogenic freezing. Regrettably, only days into his trip, his moped is stolen—and then he meets a naked man from the east. The man turns out to be Matthew King, who offers Aiden a ride—no strings attached—all the way to Sydney.

When another attack occurs the following night, Aiden discovers Matthew’s impossible secret: he’s a were-kanga. At least that gives them something to talk about when they experience delays at the wall. One thing leads to another, and soon friends with benefits turns into something more. But when the summer is over, Aiden must return to school in Perth. How can he leave Matthew behind?

Dracones_3d_500May 26, 2013 Storm Moon Press


Almost every ancient civilization has stories of some form of dragon, from the winged serpents of Asian lore to the traditional Western image of the fire-breathing behemoth. Literature is filled with stories of valiant heroes riding into the jaws of danger to slay the beast and rescue the princess. But sometimes, the knight in shining armor is less interested in the maiden in distress than in the dragon he’s supposed to slay. Dracones brings together seven stories detailing the power and majesty of a dragon’s love.

My story: Finding the Rain is the task charged to Buwei, sent with offerings to the Dragon Lord Shenlong in hopes of ending his province’ drought, a journey none have ever returned from. But the dragon’s temple keeper, Tian, wants Buwei for himself and is willing to defy even the great dragon to keep him.

November 7, 2012 No Longer Available

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Spence may be a big guy at six foot four, but he’s mortified when he faints at the sight of blood in front of sexy client Vander at the local tattoo parlor. But it’s not often Vander finds attractive men his own height, and he’s not going to let a little thing like fainting ruin his chances for a date.

October 24, 2012 No Longer Available

Earth Boys Are Easy

Aran loves Halloween. It’s the one time of year when he gets to reveal his true form without fear of the mythical government agents coming after him. When he meets shy sexy Booker at a Halloween party, he breaks his rule of never taking someone home when he’s in his alien form. Now he’ll find out if having an alien lover is something Booker can handle, or if Area 51 will become Aran’s new address.

July 22, 2012 – JMS Books

This is an amazing anthology of LGBTQ romantic fiction by authors who are attending the UK Meet in Brighton in September. It’s edited by Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, JL Merrow and Josephine Myles.

Lost in London – my contribution

Kevin’s not finding his move from Canada to London, where he’s working on his Ph.D., quite as smooth as he’d hoped. The twisting London streets have left him lost and confused, however local boy Ben is more than happy to show Kevin the way. Kevin’s not the type to pursue a guy, but when he’s lost yet again, this time late at night after a party, he can’t help but call his tour guide and knight in shining armour, Ben, to rescue him once again.

The Santa Problem – No longer available

Lane would do most anything to make his live-in love Gavin happy, but this is taking things too far. Just because Gavin can’t find someone to play Santa at his office building doesn’t mean it’s Lane’s problem, too. But Gavin can be very persuasive when he wants his way, and Lane may be taking on more than he can handle in order to keep his man content.

My first real life published story is Winterlude. – No longer available

Eric hates the cold weather and his broken down car, which means venturing out on foot into the sub-zero temperatures. Navigating the icy sidewalks, he runs into Omar, literally. An impromptu hot coffee on the cold day finds that tattooed and pierced Eric, and government IT guy Omar might have more in common than they expected. When Omar is called away, before he can get the guy’s number, Eric believes it may only have been a pleasant winterlude to temporarily distract him from the cold, or is there a possibility his winter will get a lot warmer?