New York 2014

New York

No, I’m not dead, just dropped off the face of the blogging world. I have about 3.5 weeks before I leave the country. Ack! Panic, panic, panic. But I did take the time to head to New York City with my daughter to visit some friends. After some last-minute panic when the apartment I rented fell through, I found another one and the guys came to join me and we had a blast. Although I think we all still have recovering feet. New York is a walking city. Saturday night there was 14 of us at the apartment for dinner. It was so much fun and I loved seeing everyone again.

We also took the ferry to Staten Island, went to see Avenue Q, did some shopping and after the guys left my daughter and I went out to Coney Island. Busy, busy. We happened to show up on Pride Weekend so Sunday we attended the parade. It was looooong. 5 hours. Too long really and some parts were good, but it wasn’t as amazing as I’d hoped. Or maybe I’m just suffering from heat exhaustion and sun burned head.

So I formed a slide show of some pics from the parade. I really have to get motivated this weekend and get some more stuff packed up for charity and start my daughter on culling her room, although she has her wisdom teeth out on Monday so that will set her back. Take care everyone and hopefully after my move and getting settled in I will be able to get back to some regular bloggin.

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The Anchor Tattoo and Pistachio Dreams by Paula Coots

Way back in March (I’ve not been here forever), I announced that someone was writing a story based on my prompt at the m/m GR group’s Love’s Landscapes event. Well, it’s up! I’m putting my prompt up again so you can see what it was all about. Click on the pic to get to the story (you have to be a member of the group to read it right now, it will be posted for download later). She did a great job on the character’s obsession with tattoos.

Dear Author,

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Not because I’m about getting fit and buff, but because I have a bit of an ice-cream addiction. Spending some time on the elliptical means I can eat as much as I want, almost guilt-free. He started coming into the gym about 6 months ago. I’d never seen him before and I’d been going here for about 2 years. He looked like he could bench press a small car and I would have been happy to have him bench press me. The best part? The tattoos. A couple of times I’d found myself getting ever closer and had to scramble to avoid an awkward weird-stalker kind of situation.

The thing was, my mom taught me growing up that guys with tattoos were scary. We’d actually run out of gas one time after she refused to get gas when she saw the attendant had tattoos. She’d never tell me why, but she’d cross the road to avoid them and was always telling me to stay away. But like most kids, the more your parents tell you to avoid something, the more it fascinates you. I hadn’t yet worked up the nerve, I wasn’t sure I ever would, to get one of my own, but men with tats? Oh god, I wanted to lay down and purr and rub myself all over them. I’d had the pleasure of doing so a few times in my short 24 years, but this guy, damn, he was all my fantasies come to life.

I’d love to take the first step, but if he’s straight, and offended, I’m toast. But he’s so yummy. Like triple chocolate with caramel swirls and sprinkles on top. What to do, what to do?


Tattoo obsessed guy

Conversations with my Kid #4

So I sent her this picture I found on Tumblr:

The following on-line conversation ensued:

Her: Been there done that.

Me: Came shooting out of a giant ape’s heart tube?

Her: Mhmm. Don’t you know that’s what I did in bio?

Me: Was that before or after you fainted over a dead frog?

Her: Shut up.

Me: I’ll tell that story at your wedding some day.

Her: Which wedding?
Her: My first or fifth?

Me: Your first and third.
Me: The second will be a Britney Spears quickie, I won’t have time to write a speech.

Her: Its got to be long enough for me to make money off the thing

Me: Maybe he’ll be hot but penniless, you’ll come to your senses after a crazy night of drinking and get an annulment.

Somehow I don’t think our respect for the holy union of matrimony is all that sacred. At least she has a long term plan.

Keeping the options open.

Meet Peter


I am NOT a spider lover, nope, not me. In fact while I can smack one with a rolled up magazine or grab it in a huge wad of tissue and flush it, I’d rather not deal.

Then one day I was going out my front door and … ARRRGHHH web across the face. We all know the panic dance that happens after that. But I got in my car and left for work. I get home and … THERE IS A HUGE FREAKING ORANGE SPIDER IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! I’m talking a good 2 inches (5 cm) with the legs. Holy crap. web

There is that annoying tree in my front (must ask landlord to get rid of that thing) and he has spun a huge web that connects to the house up high. However when he sees me he RUNS under a leaf and I carefully slip under the one piece of silk and into the house. Shuddering. Every morning/night I keep a close eye on him as I leave/come home, just in case he attacks me.

Then I order Chinese food and the old Chinese guy points to him. I’m like “yeah, gross”. He’s “No, no. Good luck. Bring money.” Oh. Okay, well I’m in the midst of contact negotiations, I’ll leave him there. Hey we got a deal, maybe Peter’s not so bad.

I soon start addressing him when I leave or come home. “You’re getting that web a little low there, buddy.” and I pop the low hanging strand that would hit me in the face. “Get anything to eat to day?” Usually he just sits there but sometimes he scuttles under his leaf.

But not quite this hot.

But not quite this hot.

The other night three (fairly hunky) firemen ring my door bell doing an awareness campaign about smoke detectors. I open the door and my first thought is “Did they see the web? Touch it? Get caught in it?” I’m looking around frantically and the one guy goes “He went under the leaf. He’s pretty big.” “Ha ha. Yeah.” Awkward. But they had ruined his web. (I didn’t curse them.)

This morning, Another huge beautiful web and once again, I’m “Have a good day, Peter.”

I’m terrified when the weather gets colder he’s going to come inside. I would totally freak out big time if I saw him in the house, but out there on his gorgeous web, he’s just Peter. Trying to live in his tree. I can’t believe I have conversations (one-sided so far) with a spider. Sigh. I’m losing my mind.

P.S. I think Peter is a wolf spider but I’m not certain. They are mildly venomous but I don’t plan on getting close enough to check.