Conversations with my kid #4

Baked goods
I haven’t chatted with my kid on-line for awhile, of course it quickly turned into our usual twisted conversation.

 This bakery near by is hiring!
Shifts are from 2-7am

 Tam Ames  Right up your alley.
If you don’t have class until 4:00 you can sleep from 8-2
Free buns
You need someone hiring in Sept. not May.

  i know I just want to know what people do out here on the west coast for work

Tam Ames  Same things they do in the rest of the country I presume.

  so many more hotel jobs out here than in ottawa

Tam AmesI suppose. More tourist oriented things year around.

 FOOD TOUR GUIDE JOB ugh that’d be great
 25 an hour PLUS TIPS

Tam Ames  LOL That’s a deal.

 “Star of the show mentality” is one of the qualifications
 “advanced story telling skills”
 “theatre experience”

Tam Ames  There you go.
Wear a boa to the interview.
The feather thing, not the snake.


Tam Ames  Sorry.

 i could’ve been somebody. I COULD’VE BEEN A CONTENDER.

Tam Ames LOL A contender for the food tour guide job.

  Tiffany and Co. is hiring

Tam Ames  Ohhhh. Employee discount?

  Moxie’s is hiring as well, too bad I’m not 5’9, blonde and size 2

Tam AmesTo be a sales clerk? Sheesh. Hoity toity.
I say if you want to be a waiter you need to get in the Keg. Because the bills are high you get big tips.


Tam AmesYay!!!!! Then I can say I know someone famous.
Um. Why?

 So there is a huge company here who organizes extras, but you have to have at least a full 24 hour day in your schedule FREE that’s not a weekend. in order to be considered

So keep an eye out for my kid next year as someone sitting in a diner on Supernatural or something equally inspiring.

Sunday she leaves for Japan for two weeks vacation on her own. Let’s hope she’s not kidnapped by white slavers or something. 🙂


Conversations with my Co-workers

So a few of us were having lunch together yesterday and started chatting about my upcoming move to Kuwait and having to purchase a car there.

A: Are you going to buy a boat? 

Me: What? Why?

A: Apparently lots of people buy boats there. 

Me: Why? That’s weird. It’s not Venice.

A: No, apparently since gas is so cheap, people buy boats. 

Me: That’s weird. *puzzled looks from the rest of us* I’m not buying a boat. My house is inland.

M: Are you going to buy a camel? 

Me: Ha! My daughter said I should buy one and keep it in the back yard. That would be cool.

A: Wait a minute. You give me hell for suggesting a boat and you don’t even blink when he asks if you’re going to buy a camel? 

Me: *shrug* A camel makes sense.

I could take him for car rides.

No, I’m not buying a camel, or a boat. A car yes. 🙂

Conversations with my Kid #4

So I sent her this picture I found on Tumblr:

The following on-line conversation ensued:

Her: Been there done that.

Me: Came shooting out of a giant ape’s heart tube?

Her: Mhmm. Don’t you know that’s what I did in bio?

Me: Was that before or after you fainted over a dead frog?

Her: Shut up.

Me: I’ll tell that story at your wedding some day.

Her: Which wedding?
Her: My first or fifth?

Me: Your first and third.
Me: The second will be a Britney Spears quickie, I won’t have time to write a speech.

Her: Its got to be long enough for me to make money off the thing

Me: Maybe he’ll be hot but penniless, you’ll come to your senses after a crazy night of drinking and get an annulment.

Somehow I don’t think our respect for the holy union of matrimony is all that sacred. At least she has a long term plan.

Keeping the options open.

Someone is writing me a story

Some of you may be aware that the m/m Goodreads group has once again launched their massive writing event. This year the title is Love’s Landscapes. They are doing it a bit different, releasing stories in batches at specific times. I’ve only got there once while there were still stories as they are snapped up quickly, but that’s okay. I’ll see if later in the game they need an author.

Anyway, I did submit a prompt which was chosen by Paula Coots.

Below is the picture I submitted and the prompt for the author. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with it. I’m pretty easy-going and am letting her run with her imagination as to how it plays out. Of course it won’t be posted until summer-time so I have quite a wait to go.

Dear Author,

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Not because I’m about getting fit and buff, but because I have a bit of an ice-cream addiction. Spending some time on the elliptical means I can eat as much as I want, almost guilt-free. He started coming into the gym about 6 months ago. I’d never seen him before and I’d been going here for about 2 years. He looked like he could bench press a small car and I would have been happy to have him bench press me. The best part? The tattoos. A couple of times I’d found myself getting ever closer and had to scramble to avoid an awkward weird-stalker kind of situation.

The thing was, my mom taught me growing up that guys with tattoos were scary. We’d actually run out of gas one time after she refused to get gas when she saw the attendant had tattoos. She’d never tell me why, but she’d cross the road to avoid them and was always telling me to stay away. But like most kids, the more your parents tell you to avoid something, the more it fascinates you. I hadn’t yet worked up the nerve, I wasn’t sure I ever would, to get one of my own, but men with tats? Oh god, I wanted to lay down and purr and rub myself all over them. I’d had the pleasure of doing so a few times in my short 24 years, but this guy, damn, he was all my fantasies come to life.

I’d love to take the first step, but if he’s straight, and offended, I’m toast. But he’s so yummy. Like triple chocolate with caramel swirls and sprinkles on top. What to do, what to do?


Tattoo obsessed guy

Conversations with my Kid #3

We were chatting on FB this morning. I am planning a trip to NYC at the end of June to see all my friends there before I move away.

Me: I have to book that apartment in NYC tomorrow to get the good rate. I guess I’ll just go for it. June 27 – July 2

Her:  Noooo

Her:  Canada day???

Me:  Yes, why? You have plans?

Her:  Not as of now but all of us will be legal.

Me: Tell me now before I book it.

Her:  Well most of us

Me: So you need to drink on Canada Day? You know how freaking disorganized your friends are. You’ll end up doing nothing because Ixx and Sxx will be at camp, Kxx will be at her mother’s, etc.

Her:  It’s too far ahead for my friends to make plans. They can’t even plan for a week let alone a month ahead

Her:  Ugh find

Her:  Fine

Me: New York is more fun.

Her:  Whatever who cares

Me: I care. The other option is the weekend after but then we miss the holiday off in Canada.

Her:  It’s fine.

Her:  I know pretty much everyone has forgotten about me any ways

Her:  So it’s not like they’ll make plans with me

Me: Sigh. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten you. Hugs.

Me: cat

Her:  Ha. Ha. Ha.

Me:  fox

Her: I don’t want to be licked

Me: It’s a fox kiss. It’s acceptable.

Me:  You need a

Her:  I need a lot of things but you don’t see me getting them.

Me: Oh burn.

She’s crazy. And really her friends are totally flaky. We may come back though on July 1, we’d be home by evening, she could still go out. 🙂 But definitely hitting NYC before I leave the continent.

We've never been to the Statue of Liberty. Maybe this time.

We’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. Maybe this time.

Friday Five

Here is a random collection of things in sets of five. Hope that made sense

5 things I drank this week. (And pretty much only those five things in rotation.)

drinks5 dogs of internet/real-life friends. (Okay, it’s more than five but I didn’t want to offend anyone my skipping their baby.)

Molly and Magnus

Magnus & Molly (Kimberly)


Squiggy (Pam)


Roscoe (Mike & Ty)


Bailey (Josh & JT)


Lady (Eli)


Chauce – whose birthday was yesterday (David & Mel)

Mel's dog

Theo (David & Mel)

5 cats of internet/real-life friends. (Same thing, more than five, whatever.)


Spring (Adam)


Eliza (Craig)


Whitey (Paul)


Isabella (Steven)

baby gurl

Baby Gurl (Josh & JT)


Maya (Haven)

5 Random things I tweeted.

And to finish it off, 5 pics of hotties wearing sneakers (because I haven’t done that in a while and I’ve found a few new ones.)






Privilege – my perspective on one aspect

OMG, am I turning into one of those annoying social bloggers? LOL Maybe. I find I have more to say about that than anything else these days.



There’s been a lot of talk about privilege around the internet in the last year. Or maybe I just because conscious of it, that’s quite possible. But there is talk of male privilege, white privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege, pretty much everything and anything. I am fortunate enough to fall into a few categories of privilege. a) I am white, b) I’m well-educated with a university degree, c) I’m straight, d) I make a good salary (i.e. not poor – but not rich), and e) I’m Canadian, which may seem weird but I’ll bet money there are things I could get away with in places simply because I’m Canadian vs American or some other nationality who may look like me on the surface. maple-leaf

However, I think most of us believe that in North America (I’m cross-generalizing here) we think all women face more or less the same challenges, all gay people, all men, etc. Of course there is a spectrum. Some women obviously face greater challenges than others, but there are commonalities in the groups.

KuwaitSo most people by now have heard I’m going to the Middle East this summer for my work. I’ll be going to a country that is pretty conservative, although not as conservative as some. While there I will have “expat” privilege. Due to my job, there will be things I will do that locals might be not be able to, simply because the standards and rules will be different for me in my role, vs an everyday citizen of that country.

So I was reading through a report on the country and found this:

Women should dress conservatively and remain aware of their surroundings at all times.  Women, no matter how conservatively dressed, will be subjected to staring and may be subjected to unwanted advances, touching and even kissing. Women may be photographed in public by complete strangers. Women in vehicles may be harassed while driving as the male drivers or passengers of other vehicles will travel beside a female’s vehicle and stare or leer at the females in another vehicle.  Women should not travel alone at night and should only use a taxi or a taxi service which is personally known to them if they must travel alone in the evening.

Now this doesn’t thrill me, but then it doesn’t thrill the local women either. However my predecessor is a woman and she never mentioned this as an issue, and you just learn to cope I suppose. I’m prepared for that.

2z3unvnI posted this for some friends (predominantly American) whose reactions were “Can you kick them in the balls?” “I couldn’t keep my mouth shut if I was being treated that way.” An assumption that it would never happen in America. (I’ll say North America to include myself) Then one of our friends spoke up. She is Asian-American, born and raised in the Bay area, extremely intelligent, advanced degrees, scientist, etc. You’d think she falls into some of those privilege areas herself. But she posted the following:

I find that most of this advice tends to apply to me whenever I go anywhere that is not a city used to having foreigners. It got really annoying to get accosted in airports and anywhere outside of the college grounds when I was in Ohio. People would come up to me and yell and speak slowly, rednecks would assume I was some kind of submissive china doll and act accordingly, and teenage rednecks would drive by and yell racial/sexual slurs at me. Japan was similar, but more subtle – groping on the trains and pointed sexual questions from the boys and men who were “just practicing their English”. In all of those cases, ball-stomping wasn’t practical, and I just had to learn to ignore it and extract myself from that situation as quickly as possible.


I think there was a bit of ringing silence when we read that. Sure, we EXPECT to face that in a country where we are anomalies and stand out among the locals.  But we’re more open that here, right? Right?

So yes, I will gain some privilege when I move this summer, but I will also lose some. Not only would my position prohibit me from kicking someone in the balls for a number of reasons, I’m not sure it would really do much good. It will be interesting for me to see my life change. The things I do now I take for granted, vs the things I will/will not be allowed to do. But I think even I was shocked that she faced this. Ignorance combined with privilege perhaps on my part.

There is no point here, but I thought it was an interesting contrast that those thinking I’m crazy to move there because of this issue (and the no bacon thing), had no clue one of our own friend faces it in her own country. She doesn’t need to move far away.

Thank you. Social pontification now finished. You may move on to your regularly scheduled business and I’m sure I’ll be back with some half-nekkid boys soon. 🙂