New York 2014

New York

No, I’m not dead, just dropped off the face of the blogging world. I have about 3.5 weeks before I leave the country. Ack! Panic, panic, panic. But I did take the time to head to New York City with my daughter to visit some friends. After some last-minute panic when the apartment I rented fell through, I found another one and the guys came to join me and we had a blast. Although I think we all still have recovering feet. New York is a walking city. Saturday night there was 14 of us at the apartment for dinner. It was so much fun and I loved seeing everyone again.

We also took the ferry to Staten Island, went to see Avenue Q, did some shopping and after the guys left my daughter and I went out to Coney Island. Busy, busy. We happened to show up on Pride Weekend so Sunday we attended the parade. It was looooong. 5 hours. Too long really and some parts were good, but it wasn’t as amazing as I’d hoped. Or maybe I’m just suffering from heat exhaustion and sun burned head.

So I formed a slide show of some pics from the parade. I really have to get motivated this weekend and get some more stuff packed up for charity and start my daughter on culling her room, although she has her wisdom teeth out on Monday so that will set her back. Take care everyone and hopefully after my move and getting settled in I will be able to get back to some regular bloggin.

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